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GB Patent: GB-179,602,113
Machine for boring wooden water pipes
John Howell - Oswestry, county Salop, England

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woodworking machines : wood drilling and boring


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: May 31, 1796

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The inventor's occupation was "coal master". From the June 1798 "The Monthly Magazine":

Mr. Howell's Machine for Hollowing or Boring Waterpipes

In May a patent was granted to Mr. John Howell, of Oswestry, Salop, coalmaster, for an improved machine for the purpose of hollowing or boring wooden water-pipes, or aqueducts.

The usual method of boring is by an augre, or similar instrument, which cuts out the inner part of the wood in chips or shavings. The new method is by using a hollow iron cylinder with a circular saw, by which means a solid cylinder of wood is procured, of nearly the same diameter as the bore of the pipe, insstead of cutting it up into useless shavings.

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