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US Patent: 175,859
Machine for Cutting the Teeth of Metal Gears
William Gleason - Rochester, NY

USPTO Classifications:

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metalworking machines : gear making machines

William Gleason - Rochester, NY
Kidd Iron Works Co. - Rochester, NY

Kidd Iron Works Co. - Rochester, NY

E. B. Whitmore
William S. Loughborough
Frank H. Clement

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 17, 1875
Granted: Apr. 11, 1876

Reissue Information:
Reissued as RE9,469 (Nov. 16, 1880)

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Gleason company history
"Vintage Machinery" entry for the Gleason Works
William S. Loughborough - patent attorney

It is well understood by persons versed in gearing that while the teeth of spur-gears may be correctly formed by the revolving cutters as used in the ordinary gear-cutter, those of bevel-gears can be only indifferently-well formed by the same means. The error in the teeth of bevel-gears cut in this manner is serious, in causing them to "rattle" when run at a moderately-high speed, to "crowd' and run hard and in subjecting them to an uneven wear. It is also well understood that in a correctly-cut tooth of a bevel-gear every line truly drawn along the surface of either face, or the point of the same, or bottom of the space between the teeth, should tend toward a common central point lying in the plane of the axis of the gear. To produce a machine that will thus correctly cut the teeth of bevel-gears is the object of my invention; but it is equally well calculated to cut the teeth from blanks by first grooving the blank around to the proper depth for the spaces, and then giving to the faces of the teeth the desired curvature.

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