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GB Patent: GB-163,400,044
Instruments for cutting, polishing, filing, turning, boring, grinding, sawing, and planing metals for cutting screws, for making files and bullets, for making and rifling barrels, for pressing or printing, and a hammer moved by water or horse power
Arnold Rotsipen - The Minories, London, England

USPTO Classifications:

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : screw machines
metalworking machines : forging machines : drop hammers
specialty machines : printing presses
metalworking machines : rifling machines
specialty machines : file cutting machines


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Jul. 13, 1628

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Patent Specification
This omnibus patent is loaded with firsts: first rifle patent, first printing press patent, and so on. As was usual at the time, the patent does not describe anything of the patented devices which would have made it difficult to avoid infringing on the patent. One source said, in passing, that Rotsipen's "engines" were likely based on German predecessors. "Rotsipen" seems to be a German name; the only other Rotsipens we could find were from Königsberg (now Kaliningrad), a Germanic/Prussian city between present-day Poland and Lithuania, on the Black Sea.

Arnold Rotsipen seems to be remembered only for these early patents. We could find nothing else other than passing mentions of him; one such mention indicated that he was a resident of The Minories, a neighborhood in London.

"Whereas Our servant, Arnold Rotsipen, hath informed Us that he hath invented manie engines and instruements fitt for Our service, which are hereafter specified, that is to say, to forme and to polishe all manner of opticall section, whether concave, convex, or mixed, eliptique, parabolique, hiperbolique, or sphericall, of iron, of steel, or of anie other mixed metalls, hard or softe, much better and in shorter tyme than can be done by hand or by anie knowne meanes hereto used: Two engins to cutt or to shave iron or steel, playne, sphericall, mixed, or of anie other shape, with such mouldings, crests, rings, and other ornaments, as joyners, stonecutters, or other artificers toe use, as exactly as anie workman, and in less tyme: Two engines to cutt screws of silver, brasse, iron or steele, from one inche in diameter to three foote or more, and the threds of teeth of those screwes of proporconable depth, as well the concave or the convex or solid, two wayes: To cutt or to work out anie shape or forme that shall be required only by houlding the iron or steele to the instrument: To cutt wheeles with such teeth as shalbe requisite for all manner of engines, greate or small, more exactly and in farre shorter space then can be done by hand, two wayes: Three severall engines instrumentallie to fyle all manner of works with lesse paynes, iuster, and in shorter tyme then can be done by hand: To turne, not onlie by scrapinge as other turnes for brasse or other metalls doe, but by cuttinge iron and steele into anie kynde of forme or worke that hath beene or may be turned: To bore iron, steele, or other mettalls six severall wayes, rough or smooth pearched, and in the whole metall, greate or small, as the carpenter or joiner doeth wood: To cutt plates or thicker peeces of iron or steele with more ease and speede then with sheeres, two wayes: Att once to ymprint or to peirce trianguler, quadrate, rounde, or anie other figures into or through iron or steele, and of any requisite bignes, in two manners: To cutt fyles, greate and small, course, fyne, and smooth, rounde, halfe rounde, trianguler, square, or of anie other shape, two severall wayes: To make bulletts or globes of iron, steele, stone, glasse, or of anie other materiall, great or small, in three severall manners: To draw or to shave barrells for peeces of all sortes, straight, even, and smooth, within two severall wayes: To make anie crooked barrell perfectly straight with greate ease; To rifle, cutt out, or screwe barrells as wyde, or as close, as deepe or as shallowe, as shalbe required, and with greate ease; To grinde all manner of formes and figures of iron, steele, or any other mettals or materialls, fower severall wayes: To polish iron, steele, or other materialls fower severall wayes: Two manners of sawinge brasse, iron, steele, or other materialls: Two wayes to plane or to make iron, steele, or other mettall exactly flatt, levell, and smooth: A hammer mill and engine, movinge by streame of water or by horse, to strike with as much moderaçon, hard or softe, as if used by hand, though the first mover contynue in the same swiftnes: And that the same instruments and engines are all of his owne invençon, and not formerly used by anie other within this realme, and hath humbly besought Us to graunt unto him a priviledge for the sole makinge of the said instruments and engines, prohibiting all others to make use of anie of the saide engines or instruments by him invented..."

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