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US Patent: 1,435,288
Socket Ratchet Wrench
William E. Gifford - Worcester, MA
Willis R. Smith - Auburn, Worcester County, MA

USPTO Classifications:
279/79, 81/177.85, 81/28, 81/58.3

Tool Categories:
wrenches : ratchet wrenches
wrenches : socket wrenches

Viking Specialty Co. - Unknown, MA

Viking Specialty Company - Worcester, MA

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 10, 1921
Granted: Nov. 14, 1922

Patent Pictures: [ 1 | 2 ]
William E. Gifford and Willis R. Smith patent November 14, 1922
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The key features are the matching "rack" type teeth and internal springs forming "one-way" ratchets, and the use of a standard hex shaft for handle, extension, etc. which allows the tool to reach into places difficult of access.

A December, 1921 ad shows the patent employed in a complete ratchet socket set.

Southgate & Southgate - patent attorneys

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