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NF Patent: NF-13
Telegraphic mirror galvanometer
William Thomson - Glasgow, Scotland

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Tool Categories:
specialty machines : telegraphy apparatus


Not known to have been produced


Patent Dates:
Granted: Oct. 19, 1856

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The William Thomson of this patent—for a device that seems very out of place among these early Newfoundland patents related to prosaic subjects such as biscuits and cod liver oil—was the future Lord Kelvin, who is known to have patented a telegraphic mirror galvanometer in Britain in 1858. It appears that in 1856 he was preparing to lay a telegraph cable between Ireland and Newfoundland, an attempt that failed when the cable snapped, mid-ocean, in very deep water. A second attempt in mid-1858 was briefly successful before the cable failed after only 732 messages had been sent. After several more years of development and testing, a third attempt with a much-improved cable design was a complete success.

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