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US Patent: 1,129,229
Bearing for Oil Well Jacks and Swing Levers
Wilber O. Platt - Oil City, Venango County, PA

USPTO Classifications:
384/213, 403/35, 74/101

Tool Categories:
specialty machines : oilfield machinery

Joseph Reid Gas Engine Co. - Oil City, Venango County, PA

Not known to have been produced

J. D. Trax
William M. Parker
J. M. Fowler, Jr.
E. R. Heine

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 23, 1912
Granted: Feb. 23, 1915

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Joseph Reid Gas Engine Co.

In the operation of oil wells there are numerous bearings where the moving members do not revolve, but have a backward and forward motion. This motion of the moving members is relatively slow and they are under conditions where they receive very little attention. To meet such conditions and to provide for easy assembling and d1sassembling, the bearings shown have been devised.


A journal bearing comprising a base plate having a groove in its upper face, a side wall extending from one side of said groove and having a concaved inner face formed on the are of the groove which overhangs a journal placed in the bearing, a second side wall extending upwardly from the other side of said groove at an angle thereto less than a right angle and having a straight inner face inclined toward the bottom of the groove. and end walls connecting the ends of the side walls and closing the ends of the groove, in combination with a journal having a central axial bore to serve as a reservoir for lubricant, and a port leading from the top of the journal to said bore.

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