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XC Patent: XC-10
Machine for cutting timber into sidings, slap-boards, shingles, lathe, &c., &c.
Philip Schoolcraft - St. Armand, QC Canada

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Granted: May 15, 1830

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The inventor was "of the seigniory of St. Armand, in the district of Montreal". This is the very first Canadian patent for woodworking machinery. XC patents are Canadian patents issued between 1824 and 1869. Patent drawings are not available but a summary of the specification is extracted below. The specification describes the inventor as a cabinet-maker.

"Figure 1 represents the ground plan of the said machine. Figure 2 is a side view of the said machine. Fig. 4 represents the knife, which is firmly fixed in a piece of timber prepared for that purpose, which is kept in motion by a crank, connected with a rod jointed to the said piece of timber at fig. 3. Fig. 5 shows the throat through which the wood passes, after it is cut by the knife. Fig. 6 shows the arms or bench on which the timber to be cut is firmly secured, and by the moving of which, by any of the methods commonly in use for similar purposes, the timber to be cut is brought into contact with the knife. Fig. 4."

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