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US Patent: 427,497
Improvement in Combined Pliers and Punches
William A. Bernard - New York, NY

USPTO Classifications:
144/146, 30/363

Tool Categories:

Bernard, Walker & Rice - New York, NY

William Schollhorn Co. - New Haven, CT

Chas. H. Smith
J. Staib
Geo. T. Pinckney
William G. Mott

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 19, 1889
Granted: May 06, 1890

Patent Pictures:
William A. Bernard patent May 6, 1890
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BERNARD PAT MAY 6, 1890 sewing machine pliers (FLICKR)
A punch for leather, rubber belting or thin sheet metal integrated into a parallel jaw pliers. The opening for the punch has an adjustable depth stop. A compression spring inside one of the jaws works against one pivot pin to open the jaws.

A version of the tool (which also cites Jan. 1901 patent no. 665,052) appears as "Shade Punch and Eyelet Set" in a 1913 catalog of upholstery and drapery hardware. The "eyelet set" is a pair of grommet setting dies in the forward part of the jaws. The concept also was used in a sewing machine belt pliers manufactured by Wm. Schollhorn Co. and distributed by the Sewing Machine Supplies Co. of Boston.

The underlying parallel jaw pliers is patent no. 427,220. See also contemporary Canadian patent CA-35,834 for more on the basic pliers form, the parallel jaw pliers in 427,220 and this punch. Corresponding British patent GB-189007002 registered May 6, 1890 is couched in terms of multiple uses for the basic pliers structure.

In a subsequent punch patent (no. 665,052) the spring is in tension.

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