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US Patent: 284,919
Bench Plane
Plane Sole with Rosewood Inlay
William Steers - Sherbrooke, QC Canada

USPTO Classifications:
030/478, 030/488, 030/490

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : planes



John Williamson Stockdale
H. D. Wilson
John H. Voorhees
J. D. Johnson

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 25, 1883
Granted: Sep. 11, 1883

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Patrick Leach's Inner Sanctum
Most inventors who sought to "improve" the metallic plane applied themselves to the adjustment of the cutting iron or other mechanical features. The Steer's patent, which was not without a distinctively different cutter-adjustment mechanism of its own, had a partcularly unusual method of reducing friction with the surface of the board that was being planed. Recessed grooves were machined into the sole of the plane so as to accommodate rosewood strips into the dovetailed joint. The natural oil of the rosewood, togther with its lesser surface tension, probably accomplished the intended function, but it is hard to believe that a feature that would have consumed so much time in the manufacturing and assembly process would have been of sufficient perceived merit to justify the additional expense by the woodworkers of the day. Whatever its economic success, the Steer's patent is an extremely well made and interesting antique hand tool. (Courtesy and (C) Martin J. Donnelly www.mjdtools.com)

The patent also claims cutter adjustments, a capiron, and a mouthplate.

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