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US Patent: 1,124,325
Sargent Auto-Set Benchplane
Albert A. Page - New Haven, CT

USPTO Classifications:
30/489, 30/492

Tool Categories:
woodworking tools : planes : plane adjustment mechanisms : plane cutter adjustments
woodworking tools : planes : bench planes

Sargent & Co. - New Haven, CT

Sargent & Co. - New Haven, CT


Patent Dates:
Granted: Jan. 12, 1915

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The Sargent Planes Page
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Sargent #700 series of Automatic planes, known as the Auto-Set planes. Another patent 1151301 also covers these planes.

The Auto-set series have a complex adjuster mechanism that permits the blade to be kept at a constant depth setting before and after sharpening. The blades on Auto-set planes are very thin, and not nearly as robust as regular blades. Replacement blades are very hard to find. Planes in this series were available in sizes 707 through 722, (wherein the last two digits correspond to the length of the plane, similar to Millers Falls), and included a corrugation option. The planes have a distinctive profile with a sloping side. From 1916 to 1924 the tote and knob were East India Mahogany, and from 1925 to 1947 they are listed as mahogany. Dave Heckel in "Sargent Planes - Identification and Value Guide" states that the VBM era (until 1918) Auto-sets have vertical knurling on the screws, and later era planes have diamond-shaped knurling. He reports an early variation having a levercap with a triangular shaped piece to control the cutter depth setting. It has markings of 1-2-3 to indicate depth setting. The levercap acts as a chipbreaker.

The longer models of the Auto-Set planes (Nos. 718 and 722) are equipped with a tilting front knob described as, "high, to give a full grip for the hand and is adjustable so that the user my regulate the position of the Knob, bringing it closer to the handle or further away, as he may prefer. This feature makes it convenient for use by carpenters with long or short arms and allows fhe forward hand plenty of clearance when the Plane is used close up to a projecting surface."

This design precedes the Gage auto-set design, and is sometimes confused with it.

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