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US Patent: 809,069
James L. Lovett - New London, PA

USPTO Classifications:
144/2, 408/104

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : joint making machines


James L. Lovett - New London, PA

William Jones
James M. Shope

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 10, 1905
Granted: Jan. 02, 1906

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November 1906 Wood Craft article
Wm. P. Walter's Sons, a Philadelphia hardware and machinery dealer, features this "Lovett Dovetailing Machine" on page 222 of their catalog No. 19.

The May 1907 "Carpentry and Building" has a writeup on "Lovett's Hand Dowelling Machine". "A device which is designed to be operated by hand power and suitable for all kinds of carpenter and cabinet work has just been brought out by James L. Lovett, a cabinet maker of New London, Chester County, Pa. The tool or device is so arranged that no centering of the material is necessary and it can be set to bore the center from ¼ of an inch to 2¾ in., with dowels ¼, 5-16, 3-8, 7-16 and ½ in., without using any gauge, square or rule other than what goes with the tool. It can be set in an instant for any thickness of material and either auger or twist bits can be used, according to convenience. It can be used for doweling miters as well as square shoulders. The device can be screwed to the work bench or tail screw and weighs about 12 lb. A very good Idea of its appearance can be gained from an inspection of Fig. 1, which is a picture reproduced directly from a photograph of the tool itself. The device can be obtained from William P. Walters Sons, Twelfth and Market streets, Philadelphia, Pa."

The November 1906 "Wood Craft" had a longer article on this device. See the link below the patent drawing on this page.

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