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GB Patent: GB-184,410,062
Improved simple and compound parallel vice
Alexander Stiven - Rochdale, county Lancaster, England

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work holding : vises : bench vises


Alexander Stiven - New York, NY
John Mason - Rochdale, county Lancaster, England


Patent Dates:
Granted: Feb. 19, 1844

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Dunn & Stivens
It appears that this invention was applied for but never issued, perhaps because of non-payment of fees; the patent is not listed in the Subject-Matter Index of Patents 1617-1852. The inventor's address was "86, North Drake-street, Rochdale". The 1853-08-06 American Railroad Journal lists exhibitors at the Crystal Palace in London, including "John Mason of Rochdale has one 120 spindle Roving frame, to run 1250 turns per minute; a 72 spindle Slubbing frame to run 800 turns per minute; also a large scroll screw chuck and an improved vice, of Stiven's patent." Apparently Stiven moved to New York by 1845 and was advertising "Stiven's patent parallel vice".

On 1844-12-26, Stiven applied for a patent for an "Expanding boring tool"; his address at the time was 12, London-road, Manchester. This patent was never issued.

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