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US Patent: 386,618
Toilet or wrapping paper
Seth Wheeler - Albany, NY

USPTO Classifications:
281/5, 428/43

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Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Co. - Albany, NY

Andrew M. Todd
Robert H. Marshall

Patent Dates:
Applied: Nov. 03, 1867
Granted: Jul. 24, 1888

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"In the use of perforated paper as heretofore made there have been two objections raised to it by consumers: First, that it will not, in all cases, separate squarely on the line of the perforations, some care being required to avoid tearing into and injuring, if not spoiling, or or both sheets; secondly, that with the most perfect machinery for perforating in the ordinary manner more or less of the small pieces it is intended to cut from the sheet adhere sufficiently to be carried along and wound up in the roll, and next appear on the counter of the store or the floor of the bath or toilet room, to the annoyance of the tidy shop or house keeper..."

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