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GB Patent: GB-179,201,910
Steam engine for mines, mills, turning wheels, or raising water
William Williamson - Whitehaven, county Cumberland, England

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propulsion and energy : steam apparatus : steam pumping engines


Not known to have been produced


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Granted: Oct. 18, 1792

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Patent Specification
From the 1792-11-13 Cumberland Pacquet: "The patent, lately obtained by the Rev. William Williamson, of this town, for his invention of a STEAM-ENGINE upon a principle hitherto unknown, being much the subject of conversation, we present our readers with a brief account of that singular machine; a model of which has been repeatedly worked within these ten days, in the presence of numbers of people; many of whom are well acquainted with the properties and powers of the engines now in use.

"Mr. Williamson's engine raises water into the buckets of a wheel, by the force of steam and air, at the same time; and without either beam, piston, or pump; — such is the operation, that the water, as it falls from the wheel, is instantly thrown up again. There is no injection water made use of; and yet the steam is reduced to water again; so that a very small supply of the latter will do for any engine, however great its powers may be.

"The water-wheel regularly turns round, without any jerk or interruption whatever. Nothing, we believe, can be added, to furnish a more perfect idea of it, without an inspection of the engine itself, which is so simply constructed as to excite the astonishment, as well as approbation, of all who have viewed it. — It is unnecessary to make more than one further observation on this ingenious and useful piece of mechanism: From the simplicity of its construction, it may be erected at a very small expense; and, there being very little friction in it, the consumption of coals, necessary for its working, will be very trifling."

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