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US Patent: 908,527
Internal Combustion Engine
Carl W. Weiss - New York, NY

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propulsion and energy : internal combustion engines : oil engines

Carl W. Weiss - New York, NY
August Mietz - New York, NY

Not known to have been produced

W. B. Greeley
Ambrose L. O'Shea
A. N. Jesbera
D. Petri Saluedo

Patent Dates:
Applied: May 12, 1908
Granted: Jan. 05, 1909

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for A. Mietz
Carl W. Weiss-The Dean of oil engineers.
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Weiss Engine Co.

This invention relates to the introduction into the working cylinder or explosion chamber of the air which, with the fuel, forms therein the explosive mixture and in accordance with the invention the exhaust from the cylinder or explosion chamber is made to act by induction or aspiration upon a body of fresh air so as to place the same in position to be drawn into the cylinder or explosion chamber through the exhaust opening as the pressure in the cylinder or chamber falls below atmospheric after the expulsion of the dead gases. When the exhaust port is opened, either by being uncovered by the piston in its movement or by being opened through suitable mechanism actuated from some moving part of the engine, the dead gases immediately escape with a high temperature and with such a high velocity that if the gases are directed through a suitable inductor or aspirator a flow of fresh air will be induced from a the charge may be introduced in any convenient and suitable manner, either with the air or independently thereof. Incidental to the introduction of the air in this manner, the number of necessary ports in the cylinder is reduced to one and, furthermore, the noise of the exhaust is largely reduced.

It will be obvious that the form of the devices employed for the introduction of the air in the manner described may be varied and that such devices may also be connected differently to the cylinder or chamber, all as may be rendered desirable by the particular conditions of use.


1. An internal combustion engine having an air inductor applied to the exhaust port, whereby the escaping exhaust gases induce the flow of a body of air which is drawn into the cylinder or chamber through the exhaust port as the pressure therein falls.

2. In an internal combustion engine, the combination with a cylinder or chamber having an exhaust port, of an inductor or aspirator applied to the exhaust port and provided with an air inlet and an extension, whereby the escape of the exhaust gases induces a flow of air into the inductor or aspirator and the air is drawn into the cylinder or chamber through the exhaust port as the pressure therein falls.

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