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US Patent: 1,476,033
Hand Tool
Swan F. Anderson - Rockford, Winnebago County, IL

USPTO Classifications:
30/169, 30/329, 409/288

Tool Categories:
metalworking tools : machinist tools : metal scrapers



none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Mar. 14, 1921
Granted: Dec. 04, 1923

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Ira J. Wilson - patent attorney


This invention relates in general to hand tools, and while illustrated in the present instance as embodied in a scraping tool, it is capable of embodiment in various other tools, such as cutters, chisels and the like, in which a sharp edged blade instead of a blunt blade, such as shown, is desirable.

In tools of this general character it has been customary to temper the end of the tool shank so that it will, when ground to the desired shape or sharpened, if preferred, present a working edge. Such constructions necessitate an entire shank of a high grade material, and should the working portion or end thereof become broken or mutilated, the entire tool is rendered worthless.

One of the primary objects of my present invention is to provide a tool which shall be equipped with a detachable blade so. that should the blade become broken it maybe readily replaced by another.

Another feature of my invention resides in the fact that the shank of the tool may be made of cheaper material than the blade, thus reducing the cost of manufacture. 4 A further object is to provide novel and improved means for detachably securing the blade to the shank so that it may be readily removed therefrom when occasion requires, but will be rigidly and securely locked in position on the shank when desired for use.

A further feature resides in the construction of the blade and the holding means which serves to similarly lock the blade in position and prevents it from slipping upwardly on the shank, the construction being such that the greater pressure applied to the tool the tighter the blade will be locked in position.


A hand tool of the character described the tapered portion of the shank and the latter, the straight portion thereof, the clamping plate having on its underside a row of serrations spaced j longitudinally thereof, the lip on the blade being adapted to engage in any of said serrations when the clamping plate is loosened by movement of the shank toward its tapered end, the clamping plate serving directly to clamp only the blade portion disposed between said plate and the tapered end portion of the shank by end pressure on the projecting end of the blade, which pressure is transmitted through the blade lip to the clamping plate, and the retaining clips serving to hold the serrated end of the clamping plate in operative relation to the blade lip while the clamping plate, blade and shank are in clamping relation.

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