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US Patent: 2,027,568
Wendell E. Whipp - Sidney, OH
Clifford A. Bickel - Sidney, OH

USPTO Classifications:
82/117, 82/132, 82/133, 82/149

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : metal lathes : engine lathes

Monarch Machine Tool Co. - Sidney, OH

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Oct. 11, 1928
Granted: Jan. 14, 1936

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Monarch Machine Tool Co. History
"Vintage Machinery" entry for Monarch Machine Tool Co.
Toulmin & Toulmin - patent attorneys

Our invention relates to lathes and, in particular, to a hydraulic control for lathes. It is the object of our invention to provide a hydraulic control for a lathe in which the tool is brought automatically from inoperative position to the work and then proceeds automatically along the work, then is withdrawn from the work and automatically returned to its initial position ready for another cycle of operations. It is a further object of the invention to provide independent work driving mechanism and the tool advancing and retreating mechanism. It is a further object to provide a plurality of tool operating mechanisms operable from a common source of power on different parts of the work simultaneously or at different intervals in synchronism with one another. It is a further object of our invention to provide a three-part lathe construction consisting of a head stock section, a center section and a tail stock section and bar members for connecting said sections, thus eliminating dove tails and other guides which are an integral part of the interconnecting bed and utilizing such bars as supporting guiding members for the tool supports, such bars being readily replaceable and of standard section so that they are easily procured for replacement and repair, eliminating the previous necessity of virtually rebuilding the center section of the lathe when its grooves and dove tails become worn. It is a further object of our invention to provide means of so mounting the tail stock on the Interconnecting bars that it will be positively and permanently aligned with the head stock and the work to be supported. It is a further object to, provide a motor housing arranged for suitable ventilation as an integral part of the head stock and tail stock so that there will be no exposed gearing, chains or belts which may cause injury to the operator or impede his rapid operation of the machine. It is our object to provide a hydraulically controlled lathe that will be profitable on short runs of work as well as manufacturing in quantities, which is capable of simultaneous turning and facing cuts, the front and rear carriages traveling on round bars capable of longitudinal movement for turning cuts and a cross movement for facing cuts, such movement being arranged for being executed independently or in combination or in any given cycle of movements. The carriages are provided with rapid traverse. By our invention, we have been able to eliminate the heavy cast iron beds, the dove tail and slide construction thereon, the elimination of integral tool slides of cast iron, thereby eliminating the scraping of feeding operations and the elimination of maladjustment of the parts due to the failure to have positive alignment without great weight. We further eliminate intricate systems of cams and gearing operating through splined shafts which are necessary for timing and tool setting. It is a further object of our invention to provide vertical tool holders as well as horizontal tool holders, it being possible with our invention to place the tool holders in any desired position or at any desired angle.

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