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US Patent: 4,752,867
Control Circuitry for Electric Drives
Bengt S. Backe - Dundee, IL
LaMoyne W. Durham - Bartlet,

USPTO Classifications:
700/170, 700/172, 700/3

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : machine tool controls

South Bend Lathe, Inc. - South Bend, IN

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Sep. 04, 1985
Granted: Jun. 21, 1988

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A control system is provided for a hydraulic actuating system having a multi-phase stepping motor with a driver therefor which supplies and controls DC current through each of the motor windings such that no current is induced into the control winding from adjacent windings. The stepping motor precisely controls the rotation of an eccentric cam engaging an actuating plunger which actuates a control valve of the hydraulic actuating system. The driver receives control signals from a computer programmed to calculate, from user input command signals indicative of the desired system condition, and generate those control signals which most quickly achieve a rough approximation of the desired system condition. After this rough approximation is attained, the computer generates new control signals for the driver as a function of feedback signals and/or system component characteristics so as to precisely achieve the desired system condition. In a preferred embodiment, the computer comprises a master processor and a plurality of identical slave processors which are selectively addressed to control respective machine functions.

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