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US Patent: 5,634,359
Removable Core Lock with Latch Alignment and Limited Latch Rotation
David A. Huebschen - Kenosha, WI

USPTO Classifications:
70/367, 70/369, 70/370, 70/379R, 70/451

Tool Categories:

Snap-On Technologies, Inc. - Crystal Lake, IL

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 18, 1995
Granted: Jun. 03, 1997

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Emrich & Dithmar - patent attorneys


A lock mechanism has a cylindrical housing with an axial bore therethrough, and a key-controlled core rotatable within the bore between locked and unlocked conditions and removable from and installable in the bore in the unlocked condition. The core has a plug at its rear end which is mateably engageable in a socket on the front face of a shifter, for rotating the shifter within the bore in response to rotation of the core, and thereby operating a latch member coupled to the shifter. A radial tab on the housing is receivable in an arcuate groove formed in the outer surface of the shifter for limiting rotation of the shifter to facilitate retention of the shifter in the single rotational orientation upon removal of the core from the housing. An O-ring on the shifter frictionally inhibits rotation thereof.

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