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US Patent: 4,656,418
Molded Clamp-Type Ammeter Probe
John T. Boston - Wauwatosa, WI
Larry D. Pacetti - Kenosha, WI

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Snap-On Tools Corp. - Kenosha, WI

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Applied: Jan. 27, 1986
Granted: Apr. 07, 1987

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Snap-On Tools Company History
Emrich & Dithmar - patent attorneys


A clamp-type ammeter probe includes two opposed jaws interconnected for pivotal movement between open and closed conditions and biased to the closed condition, with each of the jaws being of unitary one-piece molded construction. Each jaw includes a magnetic core unit comprising a core segment molded to a spacer segment and fitted within a channel-shaped shield segment to form a unit which is then molded between an outer shell and an inner segment of the jaw for encompassing the core unit except for exposed end portions thereof. These exposed portions on one jaw mate with those on the other jaw when the jaws are closed so that the core segments form a magnetic loop to encircle an associated conductor while the shield segments form a shield path encompassing the core loop. Stop surfaces on the inner segments provide a gap in the core loop in which a magnetic sensor is disposed. Guide surfaces control movement of the jaws to their closed condition to provide repeatable accurate alignment of the exposed portions of the core and shield segments to provide proper mating thereof.

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