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US Patent: 5,095,783
Plastic Wrenching Tool
Takeshi Majima - Sanjo, Japan

USPTO Classifications:
81/165, 81/166, 81/167

Tool Categories:
wrenches : wrench adjustment types : screw adjust wrenches

Top Kogyo Co., Ltd. - Sanjo, Japan

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 24, 1991
Granted: Mar. 17, 1992

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A plastic wrenching tool wherein the axes of the fixed and movable members are maintained substantially coincident, and rotation or displacement therebetween minimized by the provision of grooves and projections on the fixed and movable members respectively. At least the outer convex portion of the tool is made of resin. The resin material used is fibrous glass reinforced plastic which may be used for the entire tool. Specifically a fibrous glass reinforced nylon resin is used as the material of the tool. Alternatively, a matallic material may be used in a part or parts of the tool, such as in the outer concave surface portion, the inner portion of the tool, or the concave portion of the outer surface of the tool and the inner portion of the tool.

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