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US Patent: 146,287
Improvement in Milling-Machines
Dwight Slate - Hartford, CT

USPTO Classifications:
409/236, 409/240

Tool Categories:
metalworking machines : milling machines

Stephens Patent Vise Co. - New York, NY

Not known to have been produced

Benjamin F. Stephens
D. G. Gordon
Charles H. Smith
George D. Walker

Patent Dates:
Applied: Apr. 28, 1873
Granted: Jan. 06, 1874

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for Dwight Slate Machine Co.
Lemuel W. Terrell - patent attorney

Milling-tools have heretofore been usually mounted upon an arbor or mandrel at the end of a lathe-mandrel, and the outer end of the arbor of the milling-tool has been supported by a center that is screwed up by the lathe center. In this case, the severe strain to which the milling - tools are subjected is liable to spring the parts, and prevent the milling-tool working true; besides this, the friction causes warmth and expansion in the mandrel that binds the parts in the heads of the lathe. My invention is made for insuring a reliable support to the shaft or mandrel of the milling tool, for allowing the parts to expand under change of temperature, and for easily removing one set of milling-tools and substituting another. I make use of a tubular extension to the mandrel that serves to support such mandrel, and also to clamp the milling-tools upon the arbor or mandrel. This tubular extension is sustained by a journal box or bearing, in which it revolves, and it is free to slide endwise under the varying conditions of temperature, or when being screwed up to clamp the milling tools, or unscrewed for their removal.

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