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US Patent: 1,649
Mortising and tenoning machine
Andrew Bailey - Jefferson, OH

USPTO Classifications:

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : joint making machines : mortising machines
woodworking machines : wood drilling and boring : mortising machines
woodworking machines : joint making machines : tenoning machines


Not known to have been produced

Almon Hawley
Thomas Mayher

Patent Dates:
Granted: Jun. 20, 1840

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From "Journal of the Franklin Institute": "This is alleged to be an improvement on that kind of mortising machine in which the chisel is attached to the lower end of a sliding rod, so that it can be swiveled around to cut to the right or left, the upper end of the rod being jointed to a lever, worked by a treadle. The improvement consists of a peculiar mode of making the swivel chisel socket, which has a stem passing into a hole in the chisel rod, and is retained there by a segment of a ring collar which passes on to a groove made in the stem of the chisel socket, there being a lateral mortise through the lower part of the chisel stock to admit of its being put on; the collar rests upon the lower part of the mortise and connects the chisel socket and stock, admitting of a free rotary play to the former. When it is desired to prevent them from turning, the two are connected together by a right angled piece, one link of which passes into a hole made in the chisel socket, running down from the shoulder which bears against the bottom of the chisel stock, and the other passes out through a lateral square aperture made one-half in each piece. That link of the right angled catch which runs down the chisel socket has a spiral spring wrapped around it, and bearing it up, so that the socket cannot turn, but when it is forced over so as to clear that part of the aperture which is in the chisel stock, it turns freely. By having two such apertures, the chisel socket can be turned to each of them and held in place. The claim is confined to the combination of the swivel chisel stock, chisel socket, and spring catch, constructed and operating as described."

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