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US Patent: 4,752,126
Surveying Instrument
Kenji Fujii - Kawasaki, Japan

USPTO Classifications:
33/285, 356/140, 356/147

Tool Categories:
trade specific : surveyor

Nippon Kogaku K. K - Tokyo, Japan

Not known to have been produced

none listed

Patent Dates:
Applied: Dec. 18, 1986
Granted: Jun. 21, 1988

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A surveying instrument in which the azimuth angle setting device is incorporated has a collimating telescope which is rotatable around at least a vertical axis. The azimuth angle setting device comprises horizontal angle detection means for producing an electrical signal corresponding to at least a horizontal angle around which the collimating telescope rotates, input means for entering a coordinate, memory means for storing the horizontal angle signal produced by the horizontal angle detection means and the input coordinate entered by the input means, and processing means for calculating a direction of magnetic north based on the coordinate of a measurement point at which the surveying instrument is mounted, entered to the memory means by the input means and a coordinate of a target to be collimated by the collimating telescope. An azimuth angle relative to the magnetic north is determined by the processing means based on the horizontal angle of the horizontal angle detection means when the target is collimated and the magnetic north, and the azimuth angle is displayed on a display

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