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US Patent: 2,309,299
Method of and Apparatus for Correcting the Lead Error of Screw Threads
Clifford A. Bickel - Sidney, OH

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metalworking machines : metal lathes : screwcutting lathes

Monarch Machine Tool Co. - Sidney, OH

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Applied: Nov. 18, 1940
Granted: Jan. 26, 1943

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Monarch Machine Tool Co. History
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Taulmin & Taulmin - patent attorneys

It is common knowledge that most lead screws in lathes, grinding machines and other machine tools vary more or less in lead throughout their length, and that although these variations may be relatively small, they will be translated to and appear increased in lead screws generated on such machines. Various devices have been designed to cope with this difficulty but the results have not been fully satisfactory since lead errors in thread chasing not only result from inaccuracies in the master lead screw but are due to many variable factors such as temperature variations changes in the material to be chased and deflections caused by work stresses and strains between the work and the cutting tool and between the various moving and guiding parts. It is an object of the invention to provide a lead error correcting device which is simple in operation and construction and easily attachable to a machine tool without impeding the work to be done on said machine tool. Still another object consists in the provision of a lead error-correcting device, which will allow This invention relates to thread chasing, and in particular to means for correcting lead errors in thread chasing of every lead error being corrected while or before the finishing cut is made on the thread to be chased. It is a still further object of the invention to provide a lead error correcting device which will be operable to move the lead screw of the machine tool on which the thread is chased in accordance with the lead errors appearing in said thread, for correcting said errors. It is another object of the invention to provide a lead error correcting device as set forth in the preceding paragraph, in which the movement of the lead screw of the machine tool is translated to indicating means to enable control of the lead screw movement.

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