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US Patent: 438,504
Micrometer Gage
Simon A. Stupakoff - Pittsburgh, PA

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metalworking tools : machinist tools : measuring tools : micrometers


Not known to have been produced

C. C. Lee
Chauncey B. Bostwick

Patent Dates:
Applied: Sep. 12, 1889
Granted: Oct. 14, 1890

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The object of my invention is to produce a micrometer-screw gage by which outside and inside diameters and the difference in dimensions of two or more diameters can be measured with the utmost exactness. This I believe I have accomplished by the device hereinafter more specifically described, which is substantially cruciform in shape and divided into two sections through its transverse or measurement arms in the direction of their length, the undivided arm of one section being hollow and adapted to slide back and forward upon a hollow cylindrical extension of the other section projecting therein and connecting both sections. A micrometer screw operating in said extension projecting in the undivided arm of the movable section is adapted to move said section from and toward the other or" stationary sections, whereby the ends of the divided transverse measurement-arms are separated and brought in close contact, enabling the accurate measurement of outside diameters placed between them and inside diameters of pipe or cylinders into which they may be thrust.

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