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US Patent: 31,169
Britain Holmes - Buffalo, NY
Edward Holmes - Buffalo, NY

USPTO Classifications:
144/142, 147/27

Tool Categories:
woodworking machines : specialty machines : barrel making machines
trade specific : cooper


E. & B. Holmes - Buffalo, NY

E. J. Gillett
J. B. Holmes
E. B. Forbush

Patent Dates:
Granted: Jan. 22, 1861

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"Vintage Machinery" entry for E. & B. Holmes
E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co./ Forgotten Buffalo
E. & B. Holmes Machinery Company Building
E. & B. Holmes Machinery Company / Buffalo Architectural History
Operation: Our machine is, adapted to dressing barrel staves of every description, differing in lengths, widths, and bilge, and of any required bevel. It is also adapted to dressing staves for butter firkins, pails, wash tubs, &c. Either form of cam herein described may be used when dressing barrel staves. When the machine is used for dressing other kinds of staves, we use cams upon the same cam shaft, and in the same arrangement of parts, but differing somewhat from the cams herein described, in their outline form. To prepare the machine for dressing any required form of stave, move the revolving bed along until one of its stops (a'), is one half the required length of stave past the central line of cut. Then place the cam No. 1 so that its longest radii will stand perpendicular to and above the cam shaft, when the middle of the stave is on said central line of, cut. If cam No. 2 is used, then place it so that the center of the half circle described on the face of the cam, will stand perpendicular to and above the cam shaft when the middle of the stave is on the said central line of cut. The action and effect of both forms of cams when thus placed, will be the same. Then put in a gear wheel HO (D,) which has the requisite number of cogs to give the cam shaft such proportional velocity as to cause the cam (through the described arrangement of parts,) to move the jointers to their greatest distance apart (i. e. the required width of stave) at such time as the bed has carried the middle of the stave to the said central line of cut. Then turn the hand wheel X, Y, X, so as to move the cam and clutch bar laterally on the cam shaft, until the stop 5' shall meet the gage, which indicates the required width of stave. The machine will then be ready for operation, and will dress most perfectly the kind of stave for which it has been set. The machine may in like manner be set for any kind of stave required.

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