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Meet the DATAMP Team
The following people were instrumental in the original design and implementation of the DATAMP database
Jeff Joslin
Team Leader
Ontario, Canada

Jeff and Brian came up with the original idea of organizing the loose collection of folks who were collecting patent data for old tools and machines, and providing them a way to organize and present their data such that it could be easily stored and searched.

Jeff is also the ace data steward, who uses a series of custom-built PERL scripts to do bulk downloads of patent data from the USPTO and massage them into DATAMP format.

Brian Pennington
Team Leader
Egypt (By way of Kansas)

As mentioned above, DATAMP is basically Brian and Jeff's brainchild. The two of them got us all started, and provided critical direction in the early days.

One of Brian's most important contributions to the original DATAMP plan was to figure out exactly what data we needed to collect, and how it was organized. He also wrote an excellent article on online patent searching for the EAIA, which is now part of the data steward FAQ.

Keith Rucker
Site Manager
Georgia, USA

Keith is the developer and host of the Old Woodworking Machines web site, and our Win32 deployment expert.

In addition to providing us a nice web home for DATAMP, Keith handles all of the day-to-day maintenance of the site, and is the creator of the DATAMP web interface.

Steve Reynolds
Patent Expert
Delaware, USA

Steve is a listowner of the OldTools list, and a well known poster there. He also has been doing patent research professionally for many years, and knows more about USPTO and patent arcana than any human being should.

Steve helped us out immensely with the "rules" of patents and classification, which was instrumental in the development of our data model. He also is the author of the DATAMP FAQ.

Chris Swingley
Deployment Expert
Alaska, USA

Chris is the host of the OldTools archive, a certified PHP whiz, and a linux/web deployment expert.

Chris helped us settle on a portable architecture based on MySql and PHP, and worked with us to make sure that the code could be deployed on Linux servers for archival and mirroring.

Ed Fisher
SQL Diety
California, USA

Ed was recruited for the team early on, when we realized that the DATAMP DB was way more complex than anything any of us had ever worked on before. Ed is a SQL expert, and was instrumental in designing the data structure and queries that make DATAMP run.

Ralph Brendler
Illinois, USA

Somebody has to actually write the code, and that's Ralph's job. Ralph is a professional programmer with lots of XML and web development experience, but little or no database or deployment background. Along the way, Ralph had to pick up PHP, SQL, cURL, and a host of other things with acronyms.

Ralph is responsible for the "glue" that takes the information in the database and displays it to the user. If something doesn't work, it is undoubtedly his fault.

Russ Allen
Illinois, USA

Russ is a late addition to the team. He is a computer programmer by trade whose experience is the opposite of Ralph's- heavier on the database and lighter on XML.

Russ is responsible for stretching Ralph's code in ways he never imagined! Any new features or bugs are evidence that Russ has been playing around again.