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Meet the DATAMP Stewards
The following people have contributed information to DATAMP
Russ Allen
Illinois, USA
Russ collects and uses pattern makers tools. He got hooked on patent searching after finding a router with a patent date on it. It turned out that the patent was for the thumbscrew which is why it took so long to find. Russ likes to find patents listed in tool auctions etc. and then add them to the DATAMP database. This makes him steward of nothing in particular.

Ralph Brendler
Illinois, USA

Ralph is a long-time collector of antique woodworking tools, and a well-known authority on marking gages in particular. He has been researching manufactured and patented marking gages for several years.

In addition to marking gages, Ralph has a substantial set of "user" woodworking tools that he builds furniture with, as well as a nice selection of miniature machinist tools (mostly antique) he uses for clockmaking, and more slide rules than any sane person would admit to.

Ralph works as a software engineer in the Chicago area, and is also "list mom" for the OldTools mailing list, a director for MWTCA area E, season ticket holder for Lyric Opera of Chicago, and an unabashed Chicago Cubs fan. How's that for varied interests?

Joel Havens
West Seneca, New York

Joel started with Datamp in 2005 by entering his collection of patents centered around tools manufactured in Western New York. He then took on the X-patent project to enter all of the X-patents (1790-1836) into Datamp in an effort to see if there is more information out there on some of these early patents. From there he moved on the metalworking tools and then metalworking machinery.

Starting in 2011, he took on added responsibilities as a Vintage Machinery Historian, and has been work to expand its focus from woodworking machinery to metalworking machinery, electric motors, steam and gas engines adding and linking relevant patents as they are discovered.

Joel is a retired industrial electrician and has a wood and metalworking shop to play in when he's not sitting in front of the computer.

Jeff Joslin
Ontario, Canada

Jeff has been a member of the oldtools list since 1996, but in early 2001 he switched his focus to woodworking machinery and the owwm.org discussion forums.

Jeff is the woodworking machinery historian for the Vintage Machinery web site, which is how he got interested in patents.

Jeff is responsible for the patents related to woodworking machinery, with a special interest in the evolution of machine design as a result of changes in technology and society. He is also especially interested in Canadian woodworking machinery.

He has a complete shop of hand tools and machinery, which are lying unused since he developed an obsession with patents. During the day, Jeff works for a telecommunications equipment manufacturer.

Carl Matthews
Houston, Texas

As a woodworker and tool collector, Carl found that he enjoy studying and collecting vises. Not the kind found in Las Vegas but the kind which are the mule of the workshop. As a child in his grandfather's shop, he watched him make and repair many projects. Carl would sit at one end of the bench and tinker with the vise as his Grandfather worked.

Several years ago Carl wanted to paint his Emmert the original color and found that he had slid down a slippery slope. Now he has a website dedicated to the Emmert vise. The Iron Hand website can be viewed at http://www.mprime.com/emmert.htm.

Carl is an Architect by education and currently works in the Information Technology field in Houston, TX. He is also a father of three and a muscle car enthusiast. He has restored a 1969 Firebird which he enjoys working on and driving.

He is our steward for vises and clamps.

Brian Pennington

Brian Pennington joined the OldTools List early in 1998 and with Jeff Joslin's prompting began down the slipperly slope headed full tilt into the project that would become DATAMP. His focus for DATAMP is currently Handsaws and Metallurgical Processes and he is the token non-IT (read computer geek) member of the original DATAMP team.

He is a current member of EAIA and MWTCA. His collecting interests primarily center around folding boxwood/ivory rules and secondarily around handsaws which were much more plentiful than rules when he lived in the Midwest. He works for a large government organization and is currently assigned overseas with almost all of his tools/collection in storage. His non-tool related activites include travel, history, playing softball, and SCUBA diving.

Steve Reynolds

Steve works as a Patent Agent in Wilmington, Delaware handling the electrical and mechanical (that is to say, not chemical) arts. Yet he is less knowledgeable about IT matters than either Gary or Brian. He is steward for handplane patents. He is a member of the Delaware Woodworkers Guild and a lapsed member of MWTCA.

Steve is, unlike Ralph, a user, not a collector, of antique woodworking tools. Like Ralph, he has a substantial set of "user" woodworking tools that he tries to build furniture with and is also a "list mom" for the OldTools mailing list. A special interest is sticking molding with wooden molding planes, which he hopes to do with enough skill someday to make something ready for the living room and not the garbage can. As a serial hobbyist, he has the remainders of his astronomy, bicycling, clocks & watches, and scuba diving junk laying about the house, but prefers to raid a fleamarket, watch a Notre Dame football game, or browse around in the Winterthur Library when not woodworking.

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts has been a member of the Galootish community known as The Oldtools List for, well, a long time since shortly after 30 Odd Galoots departed the environs of Rec.Woodworking to pursue the pure and virginal world of traditional tools, no tailed daemons invited thank you very much.

His interests include music-listening (classical, Be-Bop), Asian Cinema (actually Amy is the expert, he just tags along for the enjoyable ride), Maine Coon Cats, Olde Books and Ephemera of the technology kind, Science Fiction & Fantasy, gardens (preferably the low maintenance type), and of course Olde Tools with a bent towards woodies and strange patented things.

His present career is as a Research Librarian. In past lives, he has been a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Carpenter, Factory Maintenance Supervisor, Crisis Counselor and has held sundry other monetarily reimbursing positions.

Unlike most of the other DATAMP participants, Gary is a non-programmer type. He uses a PC at work purely out of penance for past wrongs and has been on a Macintosh Platform at home since the enception of the Mac SE. He has moved to a G4 with OS X and has seen the error of his past ways.

He is presently Stewarding Try Squares, Bevels, Trammels, Rules and Mitre Boxes.

Stan Schulz

Stan has a "second hand" interest in old tools. Stan's father, Alfred W. Schulz, had extensive collections of blacksmith, wheelwright and woodworking tools before turning his focus to wrenches. Alfred was one of the founders of the Missouri Valley Wrench Club, and edited the club's newsletter for the club's first decade. Alfred and his wife Lucille compiled the widely used guide, "Antique and Unusual Wrenches."

Stan absorbed so much wrench history from his dad and while helping prepare the catalogs for his dad's dispersal sales that he decided to join the hobby. Stan took on editorship of the Missouri Valley Wrench Club Newsletter in 2000. He also has a modest web site for the club at http://www.mvwc.org/.

Stan retired in spring 2012 after serving as librarian for nearly four decades. The librarian's skills of researching, organizing and cataloging information are suited for projects like DATAMP.

Stan tries to outwit cottontails long enough to enjoy fresh kohlrabi, swiss chard, and green beans in season.

Stan stewards wrenches, pliers and related tools.

Mark Woodard

Mark has been collecting antique corkscrews since 2004. His primary interest is in American-made corkscrews, particularly US patents and figural corkscrews made by SYROCO of Syracuse, NY. He became a DATAMP steward in 2009 and has added hundreds of patents for corkscrews and related household tools.

Mark studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Virginia and achieved his dream of becoming a NASA "rocket scientist" in 1985. He has since been employed at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. He is a specialist in spacecraft navigation, guidance, and trajectory design, and has helped launch more than a dozen satellites into space.

Chuck Zitur

Chuck was a tool collector with a leaning towards drilling devices and screwdrivers. He started actively collecting antique tools in 1990. He maintained his own website with information on boring tools of all sorts, and was a member of EAIA and M-WTCA. During the day he was the customer service manager for a janitorial supply company in Billings, Montana. His hobbies included old tools, computer graphics, and playing his old flat top Lyle guitar. He lost his valiant battle with cancer in November 2005.